San Juan Capistrano, California – On the morning of June 24, 2017, at the basilica of Mission San Juan Capistrano, four of our men were ordained to sacred orders. Fraters Joachim Aldaba, Vianney Ceja and Miguel Batres were ordained to the priesthood and Frater Pio Vottola was ordained a deacon by Bishop Timothy Freyer, auxiliary bishop of the Orange Diocese.

frater Pio

Frater Pio will complete his studies in Rome this coming academic year. The newly ordained priests will take up new assignments at the abbey and in its apostolates.

The mother of Fr. Joachim kisses his newly anointed hands after receiving the first Priestly Blessing.

Fr. Joachim has become the new Cantor and music director for the Abbey. In addition he will serve as Assistant Dean of Students at St. Michael’s Preparatory School, as well as teach some classes.

Fr. Vianney is the new Dean of Students at the St. Michael’s Preparatory School, where he will also teach. 

Fr. Miguel has been assigned the new Provisor of St. Michael’s Abbey, and will also become the Chaplain to students at the prep school.

All three new priests will help at parishes in the Orange Diocese on Sundays.