Lay Order

October Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Praise be to God!  I was very happy to see how things went at our September meeting. It was wonderful to see so many of you, along with all of our new members in formation!  Recall that this is the month of the Rosary with so many special saints.

In this note, however, I need to concentrate on some more practical, yet happy events.  At 1:30 p.m. at the lay order Sunday this month (October 15, Sunday, feast of St. Teresa of Jesus) I invite everyone, save those who just entered (in September), to come and receive the small Norbertine scapular.  (I.e. all those who have been here for at least one year can become novices, even if some classes were missed.)  I am doing so as there are no vows connected with it (while all classes in the two-year program must be completed before one’s profession i.e. receiving the large scapular).  Most importantly is that it is a clear reminder of what you are now part of.

As for those who just entered last month, I was thinking that perhaps you could receive yours sometime before Lent this year.  I was influenced by how the postulants who enter the abbey receive their habits after only four months (there being no vows until they have completed the two-year novitiate program).  I also have thought of how so many people wear the small brown Carmelite scapular without taking any classes at all.

As for those who will receive the large scapular when taking vows this November, I am keeping track of who has requested this, as well as have come to me to go over his/her version of the rule (it being a list of ~ 20 people at this point).  So if anyone else is interested and has recently completed the two-year novitiate program (planning on attending my 10:45 a.m. classes in October and November), please be sure to contact me soon so that we can go over your rule.

However, if you are not able to do so at this time (still need some classes, situations, etc.) I am considering possibly having another profession later in the year (Easter time, perhaps). So please contact me concerning this as well.

I do ask a favor from you:  If you receive the small scapular in October (this month), please be sure to sign your name on a sheet of paper I will have (clearly marked as such) at the 3:00 p.m. meeting, so that we can properly update our list of novices.

Well, business is business… all for the glory and honor of God!

May God bless you.

Br Mark

“Before all else, dear brothers, love God and then your neighbor, because these are the chief commandments given to us”

(Rule of St. Augustine)

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