What We Do

The priests of our canonry operate parishes and teach in schools. We provide chaplains to colleges and communities of religious women. Some of our confreres write books and articles, while others have ministries through internet and radio. We celebrate the sacraments and teach religious education in prisons, youth facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes. Our abbey is the site of numerous retreats and Bible studies, as well as a popular summer camp run by our seminarians.

In short, we are an abbey of Catholic priests, united in love to praise God and serve His faithful people. Come and pray with us sometime. Peace be with you, and may God bless you always.


Rt. Rev. Eugene Joseph Hayes

Abbot, St. Michael's Abbey

• Feast Day: July 13th
• Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

V. Rev. Chrysostom Baer

Prior, St. Michael's Abbey

• Feast Day: September 13th
• Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA

Rev. James Smith

Subprior, St. Michael's Abbey

• Feast Day: May 3rd
• Hometown: Coronado, CA

V. Rev. Martin Benzoni

Rector, Generalate House in Rome

• Feast Day: November 3rd

Fr. Adrian Sanchez

• Feast Day: July 9th
• Hometown: Orange, CA

Fr. Aidan Nichols

Fr. Alan Benander

• Feast Day: September 8th
• Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Fr. Alcuin Friesen

• Feast Day: May 19

Fr. Alphonsus Hermes

• Feast Day: August 1st

Fr. Ambrose Criste

• Feast Day: December 7th
• Hometown: Denver, CO

Fr. Andrew Tran

• Feast Day: November 24th

Fr. Angelo Caliente

• Feast Day: September 29th

Fr. Anselm Rodriguez

• Feast Day: April 21st
• Hometown: Tehachapi, CA

Fr. Augustine Puchner

• Feast Day: August 28th
• Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Fr. Basil Harnish

• Feast Day: January 2nd
• Hometown: Dana Point, CA

Fr. Benedict Solomon

• Feast Day: July 11th

Fr. Bernard Johnson

• Feast Day: August 20th

Fr. Brendan Hankins

• Feast Day: May 16th
• Hometown: Westminster, CA

Fr. Charbel Grbavac

• Feast Day: July 24th
• Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Fr. Charles Willingham

• Feast Day: June 3rd
• Hometown: San Pedro, CA

Fr. Claude Williams

• Feast Day: February 15th
• Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Fr. Damien Giap

• Feast Day: May 10th
• Hometown: Cypress, CA

Fr. David Gonzalez

• Feast Day: April 12th
• Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Fr. Edmund Page

• Feast Day: December1st
• Hometown: Lakewood, CA

Fr. Francis Gloudeman

• Feast Day: October 4th
• Hometown: Inglewood, CA

Fr. Frederick Schmit

• Feast Day: February 4th

Fr. Gabriel Stack

• Feast Day: February 27th
• Hometown: Kennet, MO

Fr. Godfrey Bushmaker

• Feast Day: January 14th
• Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Fr. Gregory Dick

• Feast Day: September 3th

Fr. Herman Joseph Johanneck

• Feast Day: May 24th

Fr. Hildebrand Garceau

• Feast Day: May 25th

Fr. Hugh Barbour

• Feast Day: February 10th
• Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Fr. Ignatius Harsha

• Feast Day: October 17

Fr. Jacob Hsieh

• Feast Day: October 20th
• Hometown: Dallas, TX

Fr. Jerome Molokie

• Feast Day: September 30th
• Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Fr. Joachim Aldaba

• Feast Day: July 26th
• Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Fr. John Caronan

• Feast Day: June 24th

Fr. John Henry Hanson

• Feast Day: October 9th
• Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Fr. Joseph Horn

• Feast Day: March 19th
• Hometown: Deerfield, IL

Fr. Justin Ramos

• Feast Day: June 1st
• Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Fr. Lazarus McDonald

• Feast Day: July 29

Fr. Louis Hager

• Feast Day: April 28

Fr. Luke Laslavich

• Feast Day: October 18th

Br. Mark Charlesworth

• Feast Day: April 25th
• Hometown: Napa, CA

Fr. Matthias Gray

• Feast Day: May 14th

Fr. Maximilian Okapal

• Feast Day: August 14th
• Hometown: Beaverton, OR

Fr. Michael Perea

• Feast Day: September 29th

Fr. Miguel Batres

• Feast Day: November 23rd
• Hometown: Pomona, CA

Fr. Nicholas Tacito

• Feast Day: December 6th
• Hometown: Denver, CO

Fr. Norbert Wood

• Feast Day: June 6th

Fr. Pascal Nguyen

• Feast Day: May 17th
• Hometown: Westminster, CA

Fr. Patrick Foutts

• Feast Day: March 17th

Fr. Peregrine Fletcher

• Feast Day: May 1st
• Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Fr. Peter Adrian Miller

• Feast Day: October 13th
• Hometown: Waterloo, Toronto Canada

Fr. Pio Vottola

• Feast Day: September 23rd

Fr. Raymond Perez

• Feast Day: January 7th

Fr. Robert Hodges

• Feast Day: September 17th
• Hometown: Columbus, OH

Fr. Sebastian Walshe

• Feast Day: January 20th
• Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Fr. Stephen Boyle

• Feast Day: December 26th
• Hometown: Springfield, MN

Fr. Theodore Smith

• Feast Day: November 11th

Fr. Thomas Nelson

• Feast Day: June 22nd
• Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Fr. Vianney Ceja

• Feast Day: August 4th
• Hometown: La Mirada, CA

Fr. Victor Szczurek

• Feast Day: July 21st
• Hometown: Chicago, IL

Fr. William Fitzgerald

• Norbertine guest in residence


Frater Paul Jesse Schexnayder

Nameday: June 29

Frater Moses Luke Blain

Nameday: September 4

Frater Isaiah Matt Kawczynski

Nameday: May 9

Frater Gerard Paul Juhasz

Nameday: September 24

Frater Theophane Dylan Faleiro

Nameday: November 24

Frater Albert Alan Winter

Nameday: November 15

Frater Athanasius Basil Inman

Nameday: May 2

Frater Dismas Yousseff Farfan

Nameday: March 25

Frater Philip Noah Mudd

Nameday: May 26

Frater Titus John Blackman

Nameday: July 27

Frater Juan Pablo Cromwell Castillo

Nameday: October 22

Frater Gereon Maxwell Mullenax

Nameday: October 10

Frater Tiago Alejandro Meza Bustillo

Nameday: July 25

Frater Kilian Liam Hayes

Nameday: July 8

Frater Raphael Roger McCaffrey

Nameday: September 29

Frater Peter Casey D’Amato

Nameday: June 29

Frater Ignazio Ibarra-Juarez

Nameday: July 31

Frater Emmanuel Angel Rodriguez

Nameday: January 3

Frater Simeon John Lee

Nameday: February 3

Frater Dominic Adrian Annicchiarico

Nameday: August 8

Frater Irenaeus Tyler Snook

Nameday: June 28

Frater Jude Noah Simmons

Nameday: October 28

Frater George Patrick Cross

Nameday: April 23

Frater Enoch Martin McCann

Nameday: December 24

Frater Leo John Paul Talbot

Nameday: November 10

Frater Xavier Jack Gurries

Nameday: December 3

Frater Aloysius Gilbert Inman

Nameday: June 21

Frater Austin Michael Seethaler

Nameday: April 24

Frater Samuel Robert McCoy

Nameday: August 20

Frater Junipero John Greene

Nameday: July 1

Frater Abraham Trevor Gewant

Nameday: October 9

Frater Lawrence Andrew Weber

Nameday: August 10

Frater Francisco Jake Peabody

Nameday: February 20