Common Recreation

Monastic observances and the pastoral care of God's people can take a toll on individual Norbertines if they are not balanced with lighter activities. As St. Bruno, a great contemporary of St. Norbert, taught, "If the bow string is stretched tight for too long, it... Read more

How to Pray

by Fr. Benedict
“This is how you are to pray…” For some reason, the teaching of the Our Father by Jesus has been a point of controversy in some circles, and people have fallen into error. Some say we shouldn’t pray any prayer except for the Our Father,... Read more

Community Retreat

"And he said to them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while." These words, taken from the 6th chapter of St. Mark's Gospel, show the first invitation of the Lord to His apostles to make a retreat - to withdraw... Read more

Prayer and Manual Labor

The ancient religious orders in the Latin Church (those founded in the 12th century or before) have always fostered a lifestyle that emphasizes a common life, a day order that hinges around the chanting of the divine office, manual and intellectual labor and meals taken... Read more


Who We Are

Immersed in the 900-year tradition of our order, we Norbertine Fathers live a monastic common life of liturgical prayer and care for souls. Our abbey here in Orange consists of nearly fifty priests and thirty seminarians studying for the priesthood. Learn more here.

Vocations Brochures

Do you know any young men who might be interested in entering our community? Share our two new vocations brochures with them, and please keep praying for holy Norbertine vocations.

Prayer Requests

Did you know that you can submit prayer requests to our community electronically? We list these intentions in the sacristy, and our conferes pray for them every day.

New Newsletter

The newest edition of the St. Michael Messenger is now available here. Also check out the newsletter archive, or subscribe to receive the next one.

Who Is St. Norbert?

St. Norbert founded our Order, the Canons Regular of Prémontré, on Christmas Day 1121. Learn more about our holy father hereSancte Pater Norberte, ora pro nobis.

Radio Shows

Our Fr. Sebastian makes regular guest appearances on Catholic Answers Live, an apologetics-focused radio program for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Click here to listen to his past shows.

Summer Camp Photos

Check out the photos from St. Michael's Summer Camp 2016, our annual seminarian apostolate for boys age 7–12.

A Day in the Life

What does a Norbertine canon do all day? Click here to find out.