Visit the Sick

The Corporal Work of Mercy exhorting us to visit the sick is woven through the entire tissue of our Lord's ministry in all the gospels. Many of these accounts state that the sick and infirm came to Jesus; people from far and wide wanted to... Read more

Shelter the Homeless

The next Corporal Work of Mercy is to shelter the homeless, a work of great and noble scope. The scourge of homelessness has increased in the recent past, even in areas of the United States that are considered wealthy, because of the economic difficulties in... Read more


Abbey Homilies

One of the great blessings of our Norbertine community life is getting to hear all of the priest confreres' preaching. Read some of our fathers' daily sermons on the Homilies page.

Vocations Brochure

Do you know any young men who might be interested in entering our community? Share our new vocations brochure with them, and please keep praying for holy Norbertine vocations.

Radio Shows

Our Fr. Sebastian makes regular guest appearances on Catholic Answers Live, an apologetics-focused radio program for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Click here to listen to his past shows.

Who Is St. Norbert?

St. Norbert of Xanten founded our Order, the Canons Regular of Prémontré, on Christmas Day 1121. Learn more about our holy father hereSancte Pater Norberte, ora pro nobis.

Photo Albums

Get a glimpse into our Premonstratensian liturgical life, community life, and apostolic life on the Photos page.