The Good Fruit of Repentance

by Fr. Chrysostom
“Produce good fruit as evidence of your repentance.” Why is it that repentance itself is not enough, but that St. John the Baptist insists to the pharisees at the Jordan River, and by extension the pharisees in this church, that they need to produce the... Read more

Turning Tables

by Fr. Theodore
We just heard the prophet Isaiah foretell some of the table-turning transformations that would characterize the Messiah’s appearance on earth: Lebanon’s fruitless forest would be changed into a fruitful orchard, while the fruitful orchard would become a forest. The lowly would exult, the proud in... Read more

In with the Old, In with the New

by Fr. Chrysostom
The feast of the blessed apostle Andrew stands on the border between two liturgical years. His is either the last feast day of one year or the first feast day of the next. As such he is in a particularly good position to fulfill the... Read more

Look to the End

by Fr. Gabriel
There is a classic philosophical maxim, which I recall Abbot Parker quoting frequently, and which I think is worth my quoting again today, our first workday of Advent: What is first in intention is last in execution. What is the intention or purpose of Advent?... Read more


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