The world needs well-formed priests…
Now More than Ever.
Will you support the mission?

Time and again, the world has been healed by the work of well-formed priests -- and has suffered in their absence. St. Norbert founded the Norbertines to bring renewal to the clergy, ministry to the faithful, and healing to the Church.

And by your generosity, you have helped us advance this legacy.

How can we lift up the priesthood?

Hidden, Life-Saving Joy.

In the silence of the cloister, in the glory of the abbey church, and amidst the instability of the world around us, the Norbertines of St. Michael’s Abbey advance life-saving work with reverence, holiness, and resolve.

This is the hidden and joyful work of priests. It is the indescribable healing that these men offer in the sacrament of confession. It is the consolation and calm only priests can bring to deathbeds. It is the sound teaching and courageous example these priests offer to a world mired in confusion and sin.

It is a moment of reflection and even conversion that occurs when someone encounters Norbertine authors online or in a bookstore. And, indeed, it is the example of holy priests that will inspire the next generation of young men to lay down their lives to Christ.

A Sign of Contradiction.

Abbeys have stood for centuries as centers of culture, prayer, and spiritual refuge. Today, St. Michael’s Abbey stands as a sign of contradiction against the chaos of the world around it — a fortress of truth, beauty, and goodness, all for the honor of Our Lady and for the glory of God.

Your Powerful and Holy Work.

This work is done by the grace of God. It is the fruit of the prayer of so many faithful who join us, daily, in this great spiritual fight. And it is the fruit of your generosity.  By your selflessness and faithfulness, we are responding to God's grace together.

We are grateful that you are part of this story.

Our growing community is home to over 50 priests and 40 seminarians who are dedicating their lives to the service of the Church. By your continued support and through your prayers, we will continue to form priests, and to minister to a world that needs the love of Christ.