Frater Pio Vottola, Norbertine deacon from St. Michael’s Abbey,  will be serving at St. Peter’s Basilica during the Christmas season.

On the Nativity of Our Lord, December 24th, frater Pio will sing the Gospel at the Christmas Midnight Mass (9:30 p.m. CET/12:30 p.m. PST).

On the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, January 1st, frater Pio will again sing the Gospel at the morning Mass (10:00 a.m. CET/1:00 a.m. PST).

And on the Epiphany of the Lord, January 6th, frater Pio will announce during Mass the dates of Easter and all the movable feasts of the year (10:00 a.m. CET/1:00 a.m. PST).


See all three videos in the playlist below: