By: Fr. Alan

St. Cecilia, one of the famous virgin martyrs who is mentioned in the Roman Canon of the Mass, often has been depicted as proclaiming her faith in the Holy Trinity even in her death. In fact, at two of her famous shrines in Rome—at the basilica dedicated in her name and to her honor, and at her crypt in the catacombs—the statue of St. Cecilia depicts this holy virgin, having just been slain in martyrdom, lying down in death and proclaiming the reality of the Trinity with her two hands: In her right hand she holds out three fingers, and in her left hand she holds forward one, thus manifesting her belief in the Trinity: one God in three persons, three persons in one God.

On the occasion of this feast day of St. Cecilia, we have an occasion to examine the strength of our own faith in the Blessed Trinity, and to consider whether or not we would be willing to give our lives for this most fundamental truth of our holy Catholic faith. And even if we are never asked by the Trinity to give up our lives for that belief, as St. Cecilia did, nevertheless all of us here, especially those of us here in choir, can give our lives in singing the praises of the Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—as St. Cecilia, the patroness of musicians, is now doing in heaven for all eternity. And if we are not able to do even this, still, as St. Augustine says in the Office of Readings for this holy feast, we can praise the Holy Trinity in song by living good lives.

St. Cecilia, virgin and martyr, patroness of musicians, pray for us.