Fr. Sebastian on Catholic Answers Live

Misconceptions About Abortion (2/24/17)

Church and State (11/4/16)

The Theology of the Family (Part 1 of 2) (5/6/16)

The Theology of the Family (Part 2 of 2) (5/6/16)

The Immortality of the Soul (2/22/16)

Jesus Christ True God and True Man (Encore) (12/28/15)

Refuting the New Atheists (11/13/15)

Jesus Christ: True God and True Man (8/3/15)

Our Lady of Fatima (5/13/15)

Open Forum for Non-Catholics (3/2/15)

Sacraments: Instruments of Grace (Encore) (2/27/15)

Is the Church Anti-Gay? (Encore) (12/30/14)

Marriage in the Bible (12/22/14)

Answering Relativism (8/29/14)

In the Church Anti-Gay? (5/2/14)

The Nature and Purpose of Catholic Education (2/7/14)

The Communion of Saints (Encore) (12/27/13)

Justice and Mercy (Encore) (12/24/13)

The Catholic Epistles (10/8/13)

Justice and Mercy (8/30/13)

The Communion of Saints (5/10/13)

Sacraments: Instruments of Grace (2/1/13)

The Nature of Marriage (10/2/12)

Open Forum for Non-Catholics (6/11/12)

The Power and Purpose of Celibacy (3/16/12)

Open Forum for Non-Catholics (12/12/11)

How Biblical Inspiration Works (10/21/11)

Moral Principles 101 (6/3/11)

The Role of Logic in Apologetics (3/7/11)

The Nature of Prophecy (12/6/10)

Are You Predestined? (9/10/10)

Original Sin (6/14/10)

Can Doctrine Develop? (4/26/10)

Novena for the Year of Consecrated Life

Abbot Eugene

Bishop Vann

Prior Hugh

Fr. Thomas

Fr. Augustine

Sr. Bertha Rafael

Fr. Pascal

Fr. Andrew Barthus

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