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In with the Old, In with the New

Fr. Chrysostom
The feast of the blessed apostle Andrew stands on the border between two liturgical years. His is either the last feast day of one year or the first feast day of the next. As such he is in a particularly good position to fulfill the words of the Lord, “Every scribe who has been instructed in the... Read more

Look to the End

Fr. Gabriel
There is a classic philosophical maxim, which I recall Abbot Parker quoting frequently, and which I think is worth my quoting again today, our first workday of Advent: What is first in intention is last in execution. What is the intention or purpose of Advent? The short answer: you getting to... Read more

A Happy Surprise

Fr. Jerome
We are told, both by St. Paul in Romans and by Christ himself in the gospel reading, to stay awake and be vigilant. This injunction merits close attention, because a misinterpretation could set us on the wrong path and discourage us, or worse. When we hear the words, “So too, you also must be... Read more

A Martyr for the Trinity

Fr. Alan
St. Cecilia, one of the famous virgin martyrs who is mentioned in the Roman Canon of the Mass, often has been depicted as proclaiming her faith in the Holy Trinity even in her death. In fact, at two of her famous shrines in Rome—at the basilica dedicated in her name and to her honor, and at her... Read more

Rock Steady

Fr. Nathaniel
In the Hebrew Old Testament there are two different words for "rock." The first, eben , means a stone as in a stone on the ground, upon which you might trip—as in Psalm 91: “The Lord will give his angels charge over you, lest you dash your foot on a stone"—or a stone which you might hurl at someone... Read more